Thursday, March 25, 2010

Confederate Widow

I hope some of you are getting started with the book! I think it's going to be good. The widow is funny. Encourage everyone you know to read a little Gurganus! And then come meet him on 4/17. This blog is public, so tell your book-loving friends to join our discussion!



  1. One little history bump for me on page 4. "Investigative" wasn't used as a term for reporting till Woodward and Bernstein. A "short skirt" wouldn't be seen on a reporter till the late '60s. Doesn't seem to jive with the timeline. But I'm willing to interpret the blurb on the back--a "Civil War Disneyland"--as meaning a suspension of belief. I'm sure the fine writing will draw me into the story. I will, from time to time, use my two fact checkers: my husband, a Civil War enthusiast, and my daughter's mother-in-law, raised in southern Arkansas, which could be worlds away from the Carolinas, yet was the site of Civil War action at Pea Ridge.

  2. Well, I just re-read that, Lynn, and the Merriam Webster online dictionary I looked at gives a date for "investigative" as circa 1510, with a definition of "to observe or study by close examination and systematic inquiry." I think that news girl could have used the word. Also, when the widow says her skirt was shorter "than most decent panties used to be," you have to think her "used to be" would have been the very early part of the century: panties would have been bloomers and quite long. So this girlie's skirt was likely still below her knees. If she was showing ankle and a little calf, that would have been a bit scandalous.

    The writing is really nice, though -- I keep finding parts to mark. Glad you've got fact-checkers! Keep us on the strait and narrow!