Friday, April 9, 2010

Hey Scottoline Fans!

I'm going to continue reading and discussing Allan Gurganus's Confederate Widow, but FYI, we have other authors visiting this spring as part of Out Loud! too! Next up is Lisa Scottoline. If you're a fan of her series about the Rosato & Associates series, grab a copy of her latest -- the 13th in the series -- Think Twice. (There were a bunch of Quick Picks available today at the Marion Library.) Scottoline's coming on May 1st, so we should get a discussion going about that one, as well! Rumor has it there may even be a few books to give away ... stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This lady, the widow, has a remarkable sense of history. I enjoyed her insight when she suddenly realized she wanted to find out everything about Castalia that she possibly could -- sat upright in the middle of the night and knew that Truth. Figured if she could learn about Cassie, she'd know more about her husband, and if she could learn more about him, she'd know more about where her FUTURE lay: "I don't admit this, child, for apology--I mention it to brag. History is self-interest." (p.150) Isn't that cool?

Sense of Place, Home

We will have to talk about the widow's thoughts on "home." Boy, that comes up a whole lot in the first 200 pages. One little thing that was interesting was how "worldly" she got to be after her 10-day honeymoon away from Falls. So far, it doesn't sound like she ever really leaves Falls again in any significant way, but when she got back from that trip, she understood something: "might Lucas' [dear old All-Round Store] seems so logically well-stocked because the other Falls' stores offer next to nothing?" She'd seen a "good-sized store" in Atlanta that sold ONLY straw hats -- FOR MEN! Any of you who are reading along have thoughts about Lucy's and Cap's homecoming after the honeymoon?